PT KCH Indonesia

Vacant as Vessel Monitoring

PT KCH Indonesia is part of KCH GROUP. The Leading Korean Company Based on Seoul, South-Korea. KCH Group have three major business area, Shipping, Energy-Resources, and Real Estate. PT KCH Indonesia is under Energy-Resources Business Area. Focus Coal Mine Development and Coal Trading. Under the KCH Group, PT KCH Indonesia successfully closed a MOA of Coal mine development and now under a geological survey. KCH aims to produce a coal up to one million metric ton per year. KCH also Shall endeavor to provide KEPCO GENCOs with the coal produced from the above mine. At present KCH plays a roll of connecting coal supplier of China and Mongolia to end users. Currently we are looking for the right candidate to fill the following positions:

Vessel Monitoring

Minimum 3 years experiences on Vessel on board
English fluently
Domicile in Samarinda

Please send your resume and CV at least August 25th, 2015 to
email :
cc :
And for futher information please visit our website at

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