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Vacant as Corporate Affairs

Our Client is now looking for a suitable candidate to fill our need in :

Corporate Affairs

where this function with the following role description :
·Establish and manage relationship with various government agencies related with our mining operation in KALTARA, among other with Officer of Governor, Bupati, Pemda, Dinas ESDM, Muspida (which include Polres, Dandim, Lantamal, etc), Bea Cukai, and require wide knowledge of those functions in relation with mining operations and shipment.
·Able to establsh realtionship such away, hence latest updated issues and concerns can be anticipated, and able to brief management on any anticipative actions to be taken in view of the regulatory, social and local political issues.
·Proactively get initial information pertaining to regulatory checks and monitors, hence mine checks and visits can be better managed.
·Act as the company PR persons, which may require him to build positive relationshp with medias. May require some limited contacts with local NGO’s.

Ideal profile will be :
· A person who has good knowledge about government agencies structure, functions and their interelated connections.
· Good in interact and build relationship with government agencies
· Age between mid 30’s – early 40’s, with 5-10 years relevant experience.
· Integrity, self starter and good time management.

Job level : Ranging from Superintendent to Manager (depending on previous relevant experience)
Posting : Open for Tarakan base or in Jakarta with intensive travelling to Tarakan, Tanjung Selor – Bulungan, maybe up to Balikpapan and/or Samarinda, as and when required.

If you have some one, who interested for above job, please let him/her to send CV to my email :
source : hrbc

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