PT. Harmoni Panca Utama

Vacant as Mekanik dan electric
PT. Harmoni Panca Utama is an Indonesian Mining Contractor Company. We are fast and rapid growing mining company in Indonesia with 6 projects in East Kalimantan and 2 project in North Halmahera. We have been entrusted by the concession owner and mining operation companies to explore and produce mining commodity from locations that are spread throughout Indonesia. We believe that human resources play the most important role in company growth, therefore we commited and strive to optimize and improves our employees competencies, morale, attitude, and skills needed according to each area of responsibility.
Peluang berkarir di site kalimantan ( Tengah dan Timur )
Persiapan man power

1. Mekanik A2B / Alat berat
2. Mekanik DT / Medium Truck
3. Electrician high voltage / Listrik jaringan
4. Electrician low voltage / auto

Persyaratan awal :
1. Lulusan SMU / SMK atau D3 Teknik
2. Pengalaman kerja diatas 4 tahun
3. Usia dibawah 35 tahun
4. Sudah training basic mechanical ( Mekanik ) atau Electrical ( electrician )
5. Sudah training product

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