Grand Sudirman Balikpapan

Vacant as Reception

Strategically located in the heart of Balikpapan, Grand Sudirman continue to present multi-faceted value in mixed-use business complex that combine spaces for working, living, business hotel and leisure. Employers in the market for office space are also looking for better value. They want better working environment that help them to attract and keep the best talent in the company.
The main idea of Grand Sudirman Balikpapan to enhance businesses is by providing 19 floors office tower for lease, comfortable and yet affordable apartment for the employees and 150 serviced apartment / hotel professionally managed by Aston International.
dengan spesifikasi
– wanita
– minimal SLTA / sederajat
– berpenampilan menarik
– tidak berjilbab
– tinggi & berat badan proporsional
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atau PT. Helindo Kelolasarana Sejahtera Grand Sudirman Balikpapan
JI. Jend. Sudirman no. 7 Balikpapan
sebelum 2 Februari 2017

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