PT. Seantero Pangestu

vacant various position

With respect as much as possible we would like to thank all of our client relationships and on this occasion we introduce our company name PT. SEANTERO PANGESTU established since 2005 with various fields of activity Particularly in the Field ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION.
Our company stands by the motto “Build together the country” as a reference in work so we got full confidence in developing a particular business ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION. Because of the trust that has been given us on the basis of the relationship that we also continue to develop human resources in order to perform tasks and work well and skilled. The skill and tenacity of the staff and permanent employees and temporary employees can produce a more effective management pattern.
Need Urgently position for:

1. Project Manager / Site Manager (Jetty build or repair experience)
2. QC Inspectoor Civil
3. Accounting
4. Supervisor Civil
5. Hrd Coordinator
6. Project Control
7. Procurement
8. Civil Engineer
9. Project Control
10. Material Control Supervisor

Position above to full formation in riau project, email. /
Expired Date : 22 May 2017
To see our profile, you can visit our
from : yahoogroups


komen silahkan, copas harus sertakan link nya ya,,

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